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Making Conversational AI a prerequisite for IA

Automating the mundane, repetitive and transactional was only the beginning.

The next wave of intelligent automation will see the convergence of several AI technologies including digital decisioning, conversational AI, and explainable machine learning. Together, these technologies will deliver unprecedented capabilities for automating complex, highly personalized and auditable customer interactions.

What’s currently missing in the world of intelligent automation is away to truly capture, learn and optimize organizational decision-making while being able to share that expertise digitally. This is where conversational AI comes into play. There are plenty of conversational AI tools available, but none with digital decisioning capabilities. It is the integration of these two technologies that makes it possible to digitally capture, mine, and automate even the most complex of decision-making processes.

What the experts are saying...

“Our view is that conversational AI can automate some complex customer interactions, augment the agent’s experience, and empower the agent to service the customer. XpertRule’s Digital Advisors empower agents by improving their ability to perform more complicated tasks and increasing their certainty in their decisions”

Melissa O’Brien | Vice President, Research, HFS Research

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