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Contract Configuration

Screening personal injury cases can be time-consuming and inefficient. Automating the process can increase a firm’s profitability when operating under conditional fee agreements and give each client the benefit of the firm’s most knowledgeable solicitors’ experience.

Web Contract Configuration


Our case screening automation framework is used to assist with the interviewing of individuals to establish case facts. It does this by using the best practices of your most experienced solicitors in the form of interview questions, decision logic, and rules.

Automated case screening can be used to guide your initial contact team through interviews more effectively, giving them better prompts and ensuring that all the right questions are asked and correct information gathered.

Alternatively, the application’s virtual agent can engage directly with clients and interview them, then supply the relevant fee earner with recommendations for next steps, backed up by a rationale for review.

Key Benefits

  1. Tackle backlogs
  2. Enable business growth
  3. Improve customer service

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