20 Apr, 2020· read

Claim Processing (end to end)

Most insurance claims will relate to a negative and stress-inducing incident. Customers want clarity about their situation quickly, so immediate satisfaction and future loyalty rely on the speedy resolution of their insurance claim. Automated claim processing is not only less error-prone and expensive, but has also become the only way to keep up with modern customers’ expectations.

Web Claims Processing


Our processing framework reviews insurance claims to identify any information gaps applicable to the claim, and if relevant, the framework’s virtual agent will engage a client directly to ask for clarification regarding missing or unclear information

It reviews claims and any supplementary information for likelihood of fraudulence – for example checking that photographs have not been sourced from internet search engines. It then uses the rules specified within the framework to assess the claim’s validity and makes a decision accordingly.

The virtual agent can either supply a claim handler with a recommendation and rationale, or contact the client directly to notify them as to whether the claim is being accepted, and what their next steps are. The end-to-end processing of an insurance claim can be completed in seconds via the framework.

Key Benefits

  1. Increase profitability
  2. Improve customer service
  3. Reduce human error

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