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Extending the automation opportunity with Blue Prism & Digital Experts

The Digital Workforce is now well established through robotic process automation (RPA). Blue Prism is an industry leader having delivered significant benefits to organisations who have adopted software robots to deliver automated processes.

While RPA has so far focused on automating standard and repeatable processes in the traditional 'back-office' domain, there is now a drive to extend automation to more complex and decision intensive processes, where judgement, reasoning, knowledge and expertise are critical to a good outcome.

Only 3% of organisations have scaled their digital workforce to beyond 50+ robots. 

Blue Prism have identified the intelligent skills required by the Digital Workforce to operate successfully in this new area of automation. Through the Technical Alliance Partnership with XpertRule, these skills can be successfully enabled.

Up-Skill your Digital Workforce

XpertRule's intelligent automation (IA) software creates Digital Experts (really clever Software Robots). Users can train their Digital Experts with intelligent skills, such as autonomous problem solving, human-to-robot collaboration and optimised planning and sequencing.

Once fully integrated with Blue Prism, Digital Experts remain available 24/7 for consultation to human co-workers, IT systems, and other software robots, applying human-like reasoning, using explicit domain knowledge in combination with real-time data analysis and AI, to turn problems into best practice decisions, actions and controls.

Together Blue Prism and Digital Experts extend automation functionality into complex business processes previously out of reach for RPA, such as credit, risk and fraud management.

Many tasks that were once considered only manageable by humans can now also be done by digital workers, working alongside their human counterparts

Quickly, consistently and at scale

Digital Experts break down the traditional barriers between front, middle and back office whilst working quickly and consistently at a scale impossible for humans.

The Blue Prism Technology Alliance Program (TAP)

The combination of Blue Prism’s RPA and XpertRule's Digital Experts offers a world of possibilities for enterprises looking to extend automation and deliver cutting-edge innovation opportunities.

Together through the Technology Alliance Program, Blue Prism and XpertRule extend and unify automation, increasing value-added work whilst delivering the following benefits:

Boost Productivity

Logic, business, and system problems can now be solved more efficiently at scale without human intervention

Improve Service

Digital Workforce's can communicate and collaborate with human co-workers, systems, and other software robots across modern digital channels – supporting a complete end-to-end automation of business processes

Manage compliance & Scale Expertise

Digital Workforces can now apply the same logic to workflows as their human counterparts, while exchanging information securely using a range of legacy and current digital channels

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