08 Jun, 2018· read

CPQ with Alexander Dennis

The Alexander Dennis Guildford plant designs and produces chassis’ for bus, coach and fire engine products. There are some eight basic vehicle types but each type is available in a wide range of variants, including lengths, engine and transmission options, left or right hand drive, etc. On top of these ‘basic’ variants there is a catalogue of detailed options – some like air-conditioning would be familiar to car buyers, but many are specialist features unique to the market segments. The result is a highly complex product range that lends itself to a knowledge-based configurator for processing sales orders.

Alexander Dennis


Our intuitive knowledge representation enabled engineers to capture complex product configuration data and apply the necessary production rules with relative ease, whilst maintaining a very high level of transparency, which is required during validation and maintenance.

A modern specialist GUI interface also helped to readily identify preferred configurations with ‘greyed out’ options for unavailable features, along with technical guidance and the possible implications of a selected configuration.

The ease in which the new system could integrate with the various other systems was another key factor.

Alexander Dennis selected our configure-to-order sales system because of its ability to satisfy all of their requirements


- Complex engineer knowledge is retained, automated & remains visible for validation & maintenance

    - Expert, audit-able advice on configurations & technical specifications

    - Ease of integration with existing systems & IT infrastructures

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