XpertRule Knowledge Builder v9.0

XpertRule Software announces release 9.0 of XpertRule Knowledge Builder

Release 9.0 is the most significant release of the XpertRule flagship Knowledge Builder product since Release 4.0 in 2001. It provides major enhancements on three fronts:

1. Major Overhaul of the Multi-user Rules Development Environment

  • Multi-user locking at object level (previously knowledge module level) allows for very effective multi-user rules authoring
  • ‘On-demand’ loading of large applications
  • Vista / Windows 7 compatibility
  • Enhanced ‘look & feel’ of the graphical rules authoring environment
  • Streamlined object control properties and project/user options

2. Enhanced Ajax .NET Rules Deployment Environment

  • Full .NET support
  • Major enhancement to the design of the Ajax run-time user interface screens with full support for cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Enhanced integration with Web Services

3. New Javascript Application Deployment Engine

This is a unique and innovative development that allows full applications (rules, calculations, navigation and user interfaces) to be run within a browser without needing a server. This can deliver massive scalability and performance from a single HTTP server, as the server is only hosting the Javascript engine files, data files and CSS/HTML assets which are demand loaded to the browser client for running.

This unique technology allows a developer to deliver an intelligent presentation layer running fully within the browser. The presentation layer can be used as part of a multi-tier architecture (presentation, transactions, services), providing functionality for rich data capture screens, complex data validation and intelligent navigation between screens, services and transactions. Examples of this are processing applications / claims and generating quotations for financial services. For more information on this new deployment architecture take a look at: http://www.xpertrule.com/pages/deployment-environment.htm

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