Workforce Management

    Our mobile worker management solution comprises of two elements, a mobile application (app) designed to be accessed and operated by field workers and a web portal that allows the addition of jobs and the co-ordination of the workers activities via workflow. The portal, operated normally by office based staff, is the primary conduit of activity and operates as a service and operations management tool. The fully mobile framework can be configured to customer specific requirements.

    The list of features and field solutions include:


    Mobile Web Portal & Cloud Infrastructure

    • Hosted on Amazon Cloud

    • A service and operations management tool

    • Accessible via an internet browser on PC or tablet

    • Fast to configure and easy to use

    • Accessible to internal and external partners on a global scale

    • Expandable cloud storage and processing power with 24/7 uptime

    • Auto back-up and secure data storage

    • A fully hosted mobile solution capable of standing alone or integrating with existing CRMs


    Field Force Management Functionality

    • Real time global job allocation

    • Worker Location/Skill/Security scheduling

    • GPS and time stamping on field reports

    • Real time progress work flows

    • Job locations displayed on easy to view maps


    Custom Field Data Capture Templates

    • Rule driven data capture templates with built in decision and analytic scripting

    • Configurable to capture customer specific field/survey/service data

    • Photo, video, sketching and customer signature capabilities

    • Highly configurable & dynamic data capture forms


    Real time workflows & communications

    • Configurable real time workflow engine to streamline productivity
    • Notifications between portal & App

    • Instantly check the progress of a task/job

    • 24/7 access to data and field information via our mobile web portal


    Mobile Applications

    • Data capture App operates on IOS, Android & Windows mobiles

    • High quality dynamic user interface

    • Can operate off line and upload captured data over 3/4G or Wi-Fi when available

    • Real time data transfer between the app operator and office based staff

    • Bring Your Own Device. Field force workers can download the app to their own smart devices

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