• Paul Wurth


    With BFXpert from Paul Wurth, blast furnace operators increase process stability and reduce costs. The automation package supervises all processes.

    Process models and expert systems are critical to reducing the running costs of blast furnace operations. Consistent support of the operating processes is provided by the model-based control of the process data in conjunction with the evaluation of these data by an expert system.

    Modular automation package

    The modular BFXpert automation package integrates models from different areas of blast furnace operations with an expert system and a rule-based automation interface. The benefits for the operator include improved process control because of the extra information available on the blast furnace process, and cost savings resulting from the optimized blast furnace operation. By automating routine functions, e.g., in connection with the charging of the blast furnace or with the operation of the hot blast stoves, time can be saved and procedures standardized. Models for the thermal control of the blast furnace have been specifically developed with the objective to reducing fuel consumption. BFXpert includes a customizable platform that provides wide-ranging possibilities of interaction and can network the single models. When developing the system, special emphasis was placed on the scalability of the system in order to make it possible for the customer to modify existing functions and add new functions at a later point in time


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