Use Case

Credit Administration

What was required was a system that could increase the control and at the same time increase the sales


TeleCheque is a pioneering company in the credit administration and cheque guarantee service in Brazil. Established in 1982, it develops and perfects its systems in accordance with the necessities of credit and risk of its customers and partners. One part of TeleCheque’s business is a nationwide cheque acceptance service, which is a form of credit concession. Naturally there is risk associated with this concession. With a growing market and with corresponding risk growth, a more advanced computerised system was required.

The Solution

To build a system that provides automated authorisation, where all exceptions would be handled by a call centre, and to cater for high volumes in real time whilst ensuring that increased control does not have an adverse effect on sales and/or regulatory compliance.

TeleCheque decided to build the system using XpertRule as it took this all into account as well as being able to integrate with a traditional transaction system, incorporate existing business intelligence and interface with neural networks.

The Benefits


The time to analyse exceptional cases was substantially reduced with approval levels increased by 40% still with the risk controlled

Regulatory Compliance

Visible, understandable decision logic providing a clear audit trail to credit management decisions

Real-time Flexibility

Flexibility to revise and change business rules by business users

Sales Increase

Sales volumes increased with measurable business benefits identified

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