TeleCheque in Brazil selects the XpertRule Ajax web deployment for their Cheque Acceptance Expert System


TeleCheque is a pioneering company in the credit administration and cheque guarantee service in Brazil. Established in 1982, it develops and perfects its systems in accordance with the necessities of credit and risk of its customers and partners.

One part of TeleCheque’s business is a nationwide cheque acceptance service, which is a form of credit concession. TeleCheque uses a sophisticated authorisation system using neural networks and rules. The automated authorisation system refers exception cases for processing by call centre agents. Five years ago TeleCheque used XpertRule to develop a desktop expert system for assisting agents in processing exception cases allowing them to process high volumes accurately in real time.

TeleCheque wanted to expand the use of the XpertRule system to process more applications and to deploy a browser based user interface. Senior IT and business personnel from TeleCheque attended training and workshops at XpertRule’s Head Office in Manchester and as a result decided to acquire the XpertRule Ajax web deployment system for the next phase of the Cheque Authorisation System and has now commenced the development task. Wilson Fukushima, Principal Knowledge Engineering Consultant at TeleCheque commented that “Telecheque found in XpertRule the powerful functionalities required to give more flexibility to business users in authoring their rules and ensuring that their expertise is accurately deployed”.

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