Complex decisions authored by business users; enriched with enterprise data & cognitive services; deployed as a high performance decision engine & conversational interface

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Our Approach

Our technology stack includes a graphical drag & drop build environment, for the design, build, integration & testing of complex intelligent logic; & a runtime engine, portable to cloud, mobile, social media channel, server or IoT edge gateway. It is designed for simplicity, speed of use, portability of deployment & performance at execution


Rapid development in graphical drag & drop UI for coders & business users


Enrich with integration of cognitive, enterprise or IoT services & data


As chatbot, smart mobile app, embedded service on premise or cloud


Performance monitoring, review, update and continuous improvement


Business Rules
Automate complex and decision-intensive business logic without coding skills. Make updates in real-time in-line with business and policy changes. Use in underwriting risk assessment, policy compliance, fraud detection and more
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Expert Interactions
Create dynamic knowledge-driven conversations with customers via NLP Chatbot and through multiple channels (browser, app, social media) for advice, recommendations and problem resolution
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IoT Decision Automation
Read streaming IoT sensor data and apply automated decision logic for real-time and predictive decisions, actions and outcomes. Use in equipment monitoring, process optimisation and control
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Data Driven Decisions
Our Data Mining module allows for the discovery of decision trees from historic data, and the deployment of these discovered trees for the purposes of predictive analytics as part of a runtime solution
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XpertRule allowed us to transform complex knowledge, long held by our individual experts, into a tangible corporate asset

Use Cases

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Equipment Condition Monitoring


Heating, Ventilation & Cooling System – Edge vs Cloud


Supply Chain – Stock ordering


Fraud assessment in road traffic accidents


Risk Assessment for Credit


Stakeholder Pension advice


Technical Support


Planning Permission Chatbot


Financial Advice Chatbot


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