Operational Intelligence


    The ability to derive actionable insight from live operational and BIG data streams, is driving a competitive advantage across all industry sectors. Traditional approaches to Business Intelligence and dashboard visualisation, highly reliant on structured data warehouse tools and cloud repositories, rarely go beyond presentation and drill-down. There is huge additional value from looking at a wider, more complex data sources, and to make insight actionable – that is to diagnose, alert and guide business users to address operational root causes, all in real-time. Xpertrule provides a rapid, intuitive platform for creating the decision logic which makes sense of, and enables actions from operational data. Our technology can read inputs from vurtually any data source; applications, sensors, databases, machines, control systems, gateways & human interactions. This provides a combination of what’s happened, and what’s happening, at real-time transactional level, so that you can make informed decisons and take the right action, for the best outome. This allows you to go beyond classic KPI monitoring, and to look at far greater sophistication of analysis and deep learning. Our data mining capability enables the identification of complex patterns in data and KPIs, whch are then used as an inference engine for predictive analytics – so that you can detect, alert and intervene before operational events occur. Real-time transactional analysis and alerts for risk, fraud and compliance in Financial Services Optimise asset availability and efficiency with real-time monitoring and predictive/preventative maintenance in manufacturing, construction, utilities and facilities (e.g. airports, retail strores) Creat deep insight, visibility and control of spend across fragmented operations in Government and Public Sector with spend analytics & data mining.


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