XpertRule annouce partnership with IBM

San Francisco, CA

XpertRule Software Ltd today announced a partnership with IBM that brings the power of Decision Automation software to the IBM Marketplace.

Starting today, IBM clients can use XpertRule to rapidly build innovative applications which automate complex operational knowledge, business rules and decision logic across their business.

XpertRule enables clients to author knowledge quickly, using a browser based graphical rules environment. This allows non-technical users to build, maintain and deploy complex applications in the Internet of Things, Expert Systems and Business Rules Automation.

The IBM Marketplace offers clients access to the comprehensive portfolio of IBM Cloud, including software delivered with the power of cloud; Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform for developers; a powerful, growing and global cloud infrastructure network of more than 46 data centers; and hundreds of advanced tools and APIs to connect into and interpret new streams of data.

Akeel Attar, the CEO of XpertRule, said “We are excited to be offering our  Decision Automation technology through the IBM marketplace. It gives us the opportunity to work with IBM clients and partners and it also enables our technology to be integrated with other services on the Marketplace, in particular IBM Watson cognitive services.”

To learn more about leveraging XpertRule in the IBM Marketplace and to get started, visit IBM.com

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