New Partner – Belivia

XpertRule signs a Strategic Partnership with Belivia to deliver world class Tele-Interviewing solutions to the insurance market in Sweden and the Nordic countries


XpertRule Software and Belivia ( have signed a 5 year Strategic Partnership to use the XpertRule business rules engine technology to deliver Tele-Interviewing services to the insurance market in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

There is growing interest in the Swedish market in Tele-Interviewing. This is set to increase with the introduction of privacy laws that may see access to medical reports restricted. Belivia will provide the Tele-Interview services, using the MorganAsh case management systems and interview scripts, suitably tailored for each insurance company’s products and philosophy. The interview scripts will be implemented and deployed using the XpertRule rules engine and its intelligent web user interface.

The partnership with XpertRule and MorganAsh gives Belivia immediate, reliable, proven “out of the box” services, without the need to reinvent the wheel and build complex systems. This enables Belivia to provide efficient reliable services to its customers.

Akeel Attar, Managing Director of XpertRule commented:-
“We have worked in the past with one of the founders of Belivia on a Swedish financial services project and we are delighted to be working with Belivia on this exciting new venture to deliver World-leading Tele-Interviewing services in Sweden”.

Niclas Nevenstam, Chief Executive of Belivia commented:-
“We are delighted to be working with XpertRule. There is a growing market for Tele-Interviewing in the Nordic countries, and this alliance enables us to provide a world-class service, tailored specifically for the Swedish market and products.”

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