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    XpertRule’s partner NeuroTech in collaboration with Witrisk launches a unique platform for Credit Risk Solutions in Brazil

    Since the credit market was effectively incorporated in Brazil a few decades ago, companies have been searching for know-how, processes and tools for managing the entire credit cycle with the objectives of making products and operations risks more profitable, less costly and monitored throughout the cycle. Based on this principle, NeuroTech, a benchmark company in Brazil on leading edge tools and technology for risk management and Witrisk, a leading consulting company in the credit market intelligence and risk management, have teamed up to develop a complete risk management platform solution that is flexible, modular, fast and affordable in operational and strategic management for the entire cycle of risk management (credit, maintenance, recovery, fraud detection and MIS). “We created a new package for risk management, with integrated intelligence and technology, monitored by experts in daily business. This will revolutionize the market and, without doubt, help in the expansion of the credit industry in Brazil “, according to the managing partner of Witrisk, Fernando Manfio and Domingos Monteiro, executive director of NeuroTech.

    The new credit risk management platform will use the XpertRule technology for workflow, policy rules automation, decision automation and intelligent user interface. Domingos Monteiro, executive director of NeuroTech said “Over the last two years we have searched the market in Europe and North America for rules technology that can offer us rich functionality, rapid application development and high engine performance and we believe XpertRule to be a world-class tool that meets our requirements. Akeel Attar, managing Director of XpertRule, said, on a visit to NeuroTech in Recife Brazil, “I am very impressed by the technical expertise and the business development skills of the NeuroTech team and I believe that they will be a major player in the Brazilian Credit Risk Solutions market. I am very excited by the opportunities this will open up for XpertRule In Brazil.”

    At the heart of the Credit Risk Management platform is the GATEWAY WORKFLOW module which is based on the XpertRule rules engine. This module allows parameterization of decision rules for granting credit, maintaining credit, based on the variables available by the user of the system, including the ability to create policies for parallel testing of new policy (testing strategy / X Champion Challenger). The WORKFLOW module intelligently calls other decision modules, historical information, system information, allowing the design and implementation of any complex predefined decision flow. The flow follows a decision tree that can also call several other specialty trees. At the end of the information and decision flow, some recommended decisions and reporting information can be displayed to the credit analyst for final manual confirmation.

     The GATEWAY WORKFLOW improves the decision making in credit, billing, fraud, collection etc. through accessing hundreds of public and private external information sources (web sites on the Internet). The intelligent GATEWAY WORKFLOW is designed to maximize the quality of information obtained whilst minimising the cost of data access.


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