• Multicredito


    Multicredito in Brazil goes live with its mission critical Credit Authorization System powered by XpertRule

    Multicredito is a Brazilian privately owned company operating since 1984 providing merchants and retailers a shared platform for consumer credit evaluation based in artificial intelligence and statistical decision models.

    Multicredito serves 4000 organizations and 13000 points of sales. The credit evaluation process starts in the store, gets the authorization in central computers and responds back within three seconds. Special cases are transferred to credit analysts who, based on trained knowledge, look for additional information to help approve the credit to purchase or offer a reasonable explanation and a course of action for the consumer to improve its credit worthiness.

    The increasing complexity of rules and data sources used for credit evaluation required a technology platform to consistently deliver the intelligence across a wide network of different devices such as POS, computers and mobile. Multicredito chose XpertRule due to its graphical and friendly rules representation to capture and improve the knowledge of credit experts. The first project focused the design of desktop credit approval expert systems. The main benefits for Multicredito were the consistency of evaluation process, the flexibility to change the process quickly and the audit-ability of the decisions made.

    After successfully using XpertRule for three years, the company decided to undertake a far more ambitious project to implement the Central Authorizer System using the XpertRule Transaction Rules Server. Being a Mission critical project, the technical team was sent to the UK for training and rigorous stress tests were designed to ensure the technological challenges were met. The XpertRule support team was fully engaged in the development process up to the point when the system went live.

    The impact of the project was to bring clarity and transparency to the credit evaluation rules for business users, client merchants and consumers. With XpertRule, all credit evaluation rules can be securely and rapidly changed with great flexibility according to new emerging business situations.


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