Multi Channel Technical Support


    The increasing complexity of products and services being offered to customers and the rapid pace of change of these products and services is increasing the demand for quality customer service. Yet decreasing profit margins is pushing pressure on organisations to cut the cost of customer service. These two conflicting requirements can be met by investing in Knowledge Powered Customer Service Solutions. XpertRule is the tool of choice for capturing product recommendation and trouble-shooting knowledge and applying it consistently to all customer interaction channels; contact centres, web self-service and email.

    XpertRule is not a text search engine. XpertRule allows you to capture customer service knowledge using graphical recommendation /advisory trees, process flow-charts, and diagnostic and trouble-shooting trees. The Enterprise strength knowledge-authoring environment allows many authors to collaborate on capturing the customer service knowledge working over a network, intranet or internet.

    The development environment maintains thousands of possible questions and hundreds of advisory, diagnostic and trouble-shooting trees. Each knowledge author can work on his/her area of expertise whilst sharing questions and trees with other knowledge authors. The graphical and structured knowledge representation speeds the process of capturing the knowledge and subsequently maintaining the knowledge as the products and services evolve.

    Once captured, the customer service knowledge can be deployed over a network or intranet to empower each contact service agent to navigate the customer through their query leading to a quality resolution of their problem or enquiry. The resulting benefits are:

    • Deliver fast, consistent and quality service through every agent
    • Increase first call resolution
    • Increase customer satisfaction

    The same customer service knowledge can be delivered as a web self-service solution allowing customers to get the same quality of service whilst reducing the load on the contact centres. Our unique ‘XML Knowledge Content’ allows customer service knowledge to be deployed over the web without the need for a knowledge engine on the server. This delivers an exceptional level of scalability in terms of the concurrent number of customers using self-service.

    The advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities of XpertRule allows email queries to be processed automatically. Questions are extracted from the text and are then used to drive the captured customer service knowledge. This can be used to route the email and extracted questions to a contact centre agent or alternatively to automatically generate email replies. Email replies can ask more questions to help resolve a query or give recommendation and advice. XpertRule can also be used to configure a specific email response based on the query and customer profile. Replies can also include trouble-shooting advice derived from knowledge trees. XpertRule allows the text processing objects to be trained with typical expressions for the service domain thereby achieving a high accuracy when processing natural language.

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