• Meji Mutual Life Insurance Company


    The Life Insurance Plan Selection System at the Meiji Mutual Life Insurance Company

    The Meiji Mutual Life Insurance Company, founded in 1881, is one of the oldest life insurance companies in Japan with assets of around UK £49 billion ($74 billion). Meiji offers a wide range of insurance and pension products. In addition, the company is aggressively involved in developing and introducing new products. However, with the increasing number of products, the company was finding it difficult to ensure that all the insurance sales staff had the expertise and the latest knowledge required to provide the best advice and service to the customers.

    To overcome this problem, Meiji has used XpertRule to develop the Life Insurance Plan Selection Expert system. The system can select the most suitable product, along with a reason for the choice, from Meiji’s range of 37 individual oriented products.

    Meiji began research into expert systems before using XpertRule. The company had completed a pilot Lisp-based insurance plan selection system. This system, however, had a high delivery and maintenance cost and was not suited for distribution to all branches. Meiji was then introduced to XpertRule by Daiichi Computer Resources, the distributors for XpertRule Software in Japan. Meiji decided to adopt XpertRule because it allows for easy knowledge base construction.

    The knowledge base developed contained 47 decision tasks. The rules for selecting each plan were developed as a separate task. The system was structured so that when the details of a customer are entered, the system assesses the suitability of all the plans and report on the best five. The system only takes 3 to 4 seconds to make the suitable selections.

    The Expert System is installed in Meiji’s Tokyo service centre and in all other service plazas across Japan. These centres act as focal points for the company’s life planning service. Customers visiting these offices can select the products which are best suited to their needs.

    Meiji and its employees are very impressed by XpertRule. So much so that one of Meiji’s managers, Mr Hioshi Hirano, has written a book on building applications using XpertRule (available in Kanji). XpertRule Software products in Japan.


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