XpertRule announces the release of its M2M (Machine to Machine) Rules Based Software Framework

XpertRule has developed a new Rules based Software Framework combining its Decision & Analytics Engine, cloud and mobile App rules engine technologies. The solution utilises the XpertRule Decision and Analytics Engine running 24/7 on a cloud server to monitor business events / data and to automatically alert and intelligently interact with field personnel and/or clients using mobile devices running the XpertRule rules engine App. This M2M framework is unique in that it allows two intelligent rules engines running on different platforms (machines) to communicate and exchange data, decisions and actions.

There are many example application areas for the above M2M Framework:

    • Field Service: Data is collected real time centrally on the condition of and fault codes generated by various equipment (plant, equipment, vehicles etc.). The cloud based rules engine uses rules to detect faults, problems and abnormal events. Once such an event is detected, more evidence is gathered on the configuration and history of the equipment before the Decision engine makes an initial diagnosis. This diagnosis together with supporting data (payload) is notified / sent to a field engineer / technician who is available and who has the right skill set. The field technician is then guided through the diagnosis and trouble-shooting steps on his mobile device by the automated rules engine running on the mobile device. Any further data captured and the final diagnosis made is sent back to the cloud server.
    • Field Inspection: When asset inspection jobs (plant, buildings etc.) appear in the jobs data base on the server (jobs entered manually or received from other IT systems), the decision engine on the server allocates the jobs to the appropriate field worker, together with the relevant asset inspection ‘template’ and any relevant data such as previous inspection data. The field worker receives notification of the inspection job and is scripted by the rules engine on the mobile App to capture data, photos and videos as required by the intelligent workflow. The captured data, photos and videos are then sent back to the server. The advantage of having an App running on the mobile device is that no connectivity (WIFI or 3G) is required to carry out the inspection jobs which can be in remote areas without connectivity. Jobs are sent back to the server once connectivity is re-established.
    • Smart interactions with Customers: The XpertRule M2M framework allows companies to turn their smart decisions at the back end to smart actions at the customer facing front end. Companies can capitalise on the fact that their clients are now almost ‘always online’ through their smart phones. For example if a decision engine on the server detects that a client is late with his loan payment and that he belongs to a profile with a high propensity to default on loans then the Decision engine can immediately send a notification to the Rules Engine running on the client’s mobile. The App can start coaching and negotiating with the client to ensure prompt payment or part payment before the client financial position deteriorate further.


Similarly, the decision engine can detect that a customer is about to change supplier and sends a notification to the App on his mobile that can follow a script to try and retain the client though discounts or special targeted promotions.


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