Knowledge | Risk Assessment | Credit Authorisation

    This application demonstrates the use of an application deployed via a server environment.

    The REST based web service accepts JSON formatted data, executes the application logic and returns the results.

    In this particular demonstration, an AJAX call is made from the browser to the web service with the supplied data. The service could equally be called from any server environment which has the facility to make HTTP requests, for example .NET, PHP.

    The application contains linked decision trees for risk assessment, external API calls to validate the supplied Twitter screen name and to validate the supplied (UK) postcode. The application uses these features to determines whether an applicant is suitable for credit.




    A schematic diagram of general transaction server architecture


    Schematic diagram of general transaction server architecture




    Example 1


    Example 1. Main Knowledge Flow






    Example 2. Credit Status decision tree



  • example3


    Example 3. Set Credit Limit decision tree





    Example 4. Identity Check decision tree






    Example 5. Employment Check decision tree






    Example 6. Income Check decision tree


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