Jinling Power Station

Shanghai Changgeng Information Technology installs XpertRule Performance Monitoring software
at Jinling power station

Shanghai Changgeng Information Technology Co. Ltd have installed the XpertRule Rule based Performance Monitoring software on the two CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) units at Jinling power station in China. Jinling is a representative power station at Huaneng Group, which is one of the biggest generation group companies in China.

The XpertRule Performance Monitoring software uses rule based monitoring of a wide range of measurements and key performance indicators from each generating unit at the power station, and provides guidance to engineers and operators in best practice operation to achieve plant operating objectives such as minimum emissions, maximum efficiency or maximum power output. The software application reads values directly from the plant information system.

Shanghai Changgeng Information Technology Co. Ltd is a distributor of XpertRule software products for the power generation market in China. Changgeng’s main business is providing advanced IT solutions to the power industry of China. As well as being agents for a range of software products, they also develop software for Grid companies and deliver system integration projects.

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