iOS and Android Apps Rules Deployment

XpertRule announces the release of its new iOS and Android Apps Rules Deployment technology

 XpertRule has released two new deployment options for mobile devices. Full intelligent applications (including rules, calculations and interactive user interfaces) that are developed in the Knowledge Authoring environment can now be deployed as ‘Apps’ running on mobile devices (iOS or Android).

The deployed Apps will have full access to the resources of the mobile device (camera, email, text messaging), can read and write data to the mobile device, and when in online mode can read and write data to a back-end portal.

Deployment of intelligent Apps on mobile devices has a wide range of applications; self-service technical support, advising on products and services, inspection of plant and property, intelligent front-end for CRM, etc.

The unique ‘Rules Engine’ App that runs on the mobile device can access a dynamic library of knowledge modules as intelligent content.

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