The Brain of the IoT ecosystem

Real time automated decisions, analytics and actionable insight, deployed everywhere: IoT edge, cloud and mobile. Capture live data streams, build complex decision logic, enable real-time monitoring, predictive alerts and guided interactions. Close the loop from event to action faster than ever before


XpertRule combines expert knowledge and analytics to invoke decisions, actions and business outcomes everywhere in the IoT ecosystem; on machine, gateway, cloud and mobile


Assets with sensors connect to local IoT hubs, which are in turn connected to the cloud. People are connected to the cloud or local hub via mobile devices, wearables or computers.


Enterprise and ‘BIG’ Data sources enrich the machine data captured. XpertRule combines Intelligence ‘at the edge’ and at Enterprise level.

Distributed Intelligence

Our answer to IoT is ‘Distributed Intelligence’ in the form of a Rules & Decision engine which can operate anywhere in an IoT ecosystem; from edge hubs to cloud to mobile devices. Deliver rapid decisions and actions for the connected business

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Key Features

Graphical Rules Authoring

Complex knowledge, processes and workflows are created in an intuitive GUI. Capable of greater complexity than simple flows and threshold based logic

Light Footprint Run-time

High performance, light footprint runtime engine capable of deployment to edge gateways, mobile devices and the cloud


Connect live data streams from objects, apps and people as well as data from Enterprise Systems. Integrate devices, sensors, machines in any IoT ecosystem

Predictive Alerts

Intelligent predictive alerts via smart mobile apps. Troubleshooting guidance, monitoring and guided interventions with remote data capture.


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