Hosokawa Alpine

Hosokawa Alpine (Augsburg, Germany) demonstrates their advanced automated milling system powered by XpertRule’s Rules and Analytics engine

Hosokawa Alpine Expo 2012 Displays The Future of Powder and Particle Processing

The latest advancements in powder and particle processing technology were presented to an audience of over 600 visitors from leading minerals, pharmaceutical and food processing companies across the world at Hosokawa AlpineExpo 2012, held at Hosokawa Alpine’s in-house Technical Centre, in Augsburg, Germany.

Of significant interest to visitors was Hosokawa Alpine’s demonstration of their automated milling system incorporating  XpertRule’s process control optimisation technology which automatically monitors, adjusts and controls the key operating parameters of a powder mill to maintain the required product quality specifications.

Intelligent process control was further highlighted in a presentation by Mr Gerhard Kiederle, from Hosokawa Alpine’s, Technical Centre. Detailing how Hosokawa’s intelligent process control system can deliver increased energy efficient processing of fine particles through practical, in-house examples Mr Kiederle’s presentation compared the various theoretical approaches to intelligent control against Hosokawa’s easy to manage system.

Visitors to AlpineExpo 2012 were treated to a stunning display of the latest powder and processing equipment developments from Hosokawa Bepex, Hosokawa Micron BV, Hosokawa Micron Ltd, Hosokawa Micron Powders GmbH and Hosokawa Alpine AG as well as a series of lectures from eminent in-house, industry and university speakers.  Representatives from other key equipment providers were at the expo too, so visitors had access to a full and comprehensive overview of the latest developments in the process industry in 2012.

The two day exhibition took place in what is one of Europe’s largest application testing centres which covers 3000m2 and incorporates more than 60 systems from laboratory to full scale production capability.

The exhibition and demonstrations covered the entire range of Hosokawa machines and systems for powder and particle processing, including mills, classifiers, dryers and mixers used in applications as diverse as talcum grinding, classifying of ultrafine cements, size reduction of glass for recycling, fine grinding of copper based pigments, cosmetics milling and grinding of cocoa press cake.

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