In 1984 one of the XpertRule founders, Dr Akeel Al-Attar, had a meeting with the late Professor Donald Michie which changed Akeel’s professional career and lead to the creation of XpertRule Software in Feb 1985. Professor Michie was widely acknowledged as the father of AI in Europe and the UK and the brain behind the first expert system development software ExpertEase. Akeel and Professor Michie agreed to collaborate to develop the next generation Expert System software with R&D funding from the UK Department of Trade and Industry and the European Community. The result was the XpertRule business rules automation technology with focus on the ease of capturing and maintaining rules.

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    Donald Michie (11 November 1923 – 7 July 2007) was a British researcher in artificial intelligence. During World War II, Michie worked for the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, contributing to the effort to solve “Tunny,” a German teleprinter cipher.

  • The XpertRule Expert System development environment was released in February 1987 and by 1990 it had several hundred blue chip clients in Europe, USA and Japan. Over the next 30 years, XpertRule Software has become a world leader in the development of business rules automation software with its technology being one of the most advanced and robust knowledge / rules engineering environments on the market today used by over 2000 users in over 20 countries.

    XpertRule’s technology is used by leading companies such AOL, BP, Diageo, Airbus, Schlumberger, Boeing, Alcatel, Chase Bank, Halifax Bank, Alstom, National Semiconductors, and major government departments such as Australian Taxation Office, UK Ministry of Defence, New Zealand Social Welfare, and Japan’s Ministry of Construction.

    In addition to developing advanced software, XpertRule has helped over 100 organisations worldwide in the successful implementation of major rules automation projects.

    Over the years XpertRule has been a pioneer and an innovator in extending the envelope of business rules technology. Some important milestones:

    1988 | The first company to release a universal rule induction knowledge acquisition module for all the main expert system development environments on the market at the time.

    1989 | One of the first companies to introduce a data mining capability to discover trees from data.

    1992 | The first company to release a hybrid business rules system with Genetic algorithm based optimisation. Technology successfully deployed at blue chip clients such Diageo and Channel 4 TV.

    1996 | A pioneer in adding constraints reasoning to a business rules engine to meet the requirements for Product Configurators.

    1997 | One of the first companies to use rules automation and data mining to improve the performance of industrial processes such milling, brewing and power generation.

    2000 | Part of a European consortium to develop massively scalable data mining technology based on the XpertRule technology.

    2002 | One of the first business rules automation vendor to introduce an AJAX thin web client user interface working in conjunction with a .net / ISAPI rules engine.

    2004 | Developed XpertRule eService, a unique massively scalable diagnostics and trouble-shooting engine which does not require a server as it is based on HTML and Javascript only.

    2006 | Combined rules automation, fuzzy rules, data mining and GA technologies to develop an innovative solution for Process Performance Analysis, monitoring and control.

    2009 | Released a unique full rules engine with a complete AJAX user interface written completely in Javascript, CSS and HTML. This enables massively performant web deployment with exceptional availability (uptime). This technology underpins XpertRule’s SAAS (Software as a service) offering.

    2012 | Released an integrated, high performance Decision & Analytics engine which combines business rules with rules generated by data mining to offer a unique risk assessment and event monitoring and detection capability. Technology successfully used by clients in Europe and Brazil for credit risk management and financial crime solutions.

    2012 | Released a unique capability for running complex rules based applications (advisory, diagnostic and others) on smart-phones and tablets as iOS, Android or Mobile Windows Apps. From the same definition of a rules application in the XpertRule rules authoring environment, the application can be deployed on desktop, web or as an App on any mobile device (a unique capability).

    2013 | XpertRule released an integrated solution for monitoring the condition of remote industrial plant and equipment. The solution utilises the XpertRule Decision and Analytics Engine running 24/7 on a server to monitor incoming data from site based measurements and automatically alerts site personnel and/or a remote technical support team in the event of patterns in the data indicating a developing equipment problem. An intelligent user interface, running on iOS or Android devices and developed using the XpertRule mobile app deployment technology, provides real time displays and guided workflows for diagnosing and troubleshooting the root cause of equipment problems.

    2014 | XpertRule released a M2M (Machine to Machine) Rules Based Software Framework combining the XpertRule Decision & Analytics Engine with the XpertRule mobile App rules engine technologies. The solution utilises the XpertRule Decision and Analytics Engine running 24/7 on a cloud server to monitor business events (process/plant fault, credit card fraud, credit default etc.) and to automatically alert and intelligently interact with field personnel and/or clients using mobile devices running the XpertRule rules engine App. This M2M framework is unique in that it allows a number of intelligent rules engines running on different platforms (machines) to communicate and exchange data, decisions and actions.

    2015 | XpertRule released its next generation technology platform representing the culmination of 30 years of experience in building rules automation technologies. The platform features a highly graphical browser / cloud based rules authoring technology and a light footprint high performance Javascript rules engine which can run anywhere from a Raspberry Pi IoT edge device to a cloud server to a native mobile App.

    2016 | XpertRule integrated its advanced rules automation and analytics platform with the IOT ecosystem thereby allowing intelligence to be deployed anywhere on the IOT; edge, cloud and mobile. Xpertrule supported out of the box integration with IBM node.RED, ARM mbed, Sony glasses and Samsung Smart TV. 


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