Gateway Workflow

NeuroTech in Brazil signs the 8th client for its XpertRule powered GATEWAY WORKFLOW credit risk management platform

 In September 2010, NeuroTech, XpertRule’s partner is Brazil, teamed up with Witrisk, a leading Brazilian consulting company in the credit risk management market, to develop a complete Risk Management Platform solution (Risk Pack) covering the entire cycle of risk management (credit, maintenance, recovery, fraud detection and MIS).

At the heart of the credit risk management platform is the GATEWAY WORKFLOW module which is powered by the XpertRule rules engine. This module allows parameterization of decision rules for granting credit, maintaining credit, based on the variables available by the user of the system, including the ability to create policies for parallel testing of new policy (Champion/Challenger testing strategy). The GATEWAY module intelligently calls other decision modules, historical information, system information, allowing the design and implementation of any complex predefined decision flow. The flow follows a decision tree that can also call several other specialty trees. At the end of the information and decision flow, some recommended decisions and reporting information can be displayed to the credit analyst for final manual confirmation.

Risk Pack and GATEWAY have been extremely successful in the Brazilian market and NeuroTech and Witrisk have now formed a joint venture Go-On. In one year they have managed to acquire more than 8 new clients including Marisa, Portocred, Omni, Lojas Renner, Rede Uze, Quero-Quero, GBarbosa and White Martins.

On a visit to XpertRule’s Head Office in Manchester in September 2011, Domingos Monteiro, CEO of Go-On, commented “We are looking to more than double our user-base year on year and we believe that we have a unique credit solution in Risk Pack and GATEWAY. Our rapid growth would not have been possible without the robustness of the XpertRule technology and the support provided by the XpertRule team”.

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