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    Responsive Design Layout

    Decision Author dialogs are inherently responsive which enables you to target multiple user environments with a single design. You also have access to additional features which allow you to further customize your designs for different devices…




    Custom UI Controls

    If your application requires a specialized input, you can create your own user input controls with our Custom Control API. Custom controls live right within Decision Author and are automatically deployed along with your application. Custom controls are created as standard jQuery plugins (with some additional functionality to support the required XpertRule functionality.)

    Create Your Plugin…
    Decision Author developers see it in their development environment…

    Plugins are automatically deployed along with your knowledge base…


    User Interface Interactivity Rules

    A modern consumer quality user interface requires more than just data capture. User’s expect irrelevant or optional inputs to be dealt with as they fill in the page.

    Rather than the developer having to code these interactivity rules in script, a variety of interactions can be defined in Decision Author via a friendly interface. This not only reduces the time taken to support user interactivity, but also reduces possible errors and aids rule visibility.


    Insurance Forms Form Rules


    Mobile App Deployment Engine

    The App engine allow the developer to deploy applications to mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows) via native Apps. Once downloaded, the App does not require connectivity to run. Applications developed using Decision Author can be deployed to the XpertRule portal or your own cloud portal. From there, your registered users (or anonymous users if you choose) can download your applications and run them offline on mobile devices. 

    This deployment is highly suited for deploying technical support and advisory knowledge bases to mobile self-service customers or agents in the field.




    Web Deployment Engine

    This is a unique JavaScript rules runtime engine which runs fully within a browser. Applications developed using Decision Author can be generated as Java Script / HTML files for deployment as Web applications. The JavaScript engine runs the rules, calculations and the JS/HTML user interface. The JS files and the associated assets (images etc.) are downloaded from an HTTP (or HTTPS) server. The result is exceptional performance and scalability.




    This deployment is highly suited for deploying technical support & advisory systems and complex data capture applications to both self-service customers and agents in contact centers.


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