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    XpertRule® Decision Author is our Graphical Rules Authoring Environment used to develop, test, deploy and maintain Expert System applications. The main value proposition of XpertRule Decision Author is the speed of development of business rules, work flows and calculations. This is a result of 30 years of investment into R & D reacting to graphical development environments, graphical rules representations and high performance deployment architectures.

    Based on the experience of many XpertRule developers from large organisations around the world, the typical improvement in application development speed gained from using XpertRule are up to 30 times that of Java or .NET technologies.

    The unique features of the Decision Author are:

    • Create knowledge from your web browser
    • No downloads, no browser plugins & no installs.
    • Knowledge is stored in the cloud and can be edited from anywhere.
    • Test your knowledge live.
    • Fully customisable knowledge base UI.
    • Deploy your knowledge for browsers or mobile App


    Below are examples of the decision tree / flow representation in Decision Author:





    Decision Author also allows rules to be expressed as decision tables which are easy to maintain within Decision Author or can be imported from external databases or spreadsheets.




    Decision/flow trees in Decision Author can contain also contain functions and/or scripting elements. These elements can be used for calculations, string manipulations, calling external elements (web services, data sources) etc.




    Decision Author supports 2 levels of scripting to allow a developer to choose the representation which best fits their needs & skill set. We support an integrated formula builder which supports many of the most frequently required operations. These formulas are maintained via a graphical interface with minimal (if any) typing required. Should more complex scripting be required, we support the industry standard JavaScript language. The developer can even mix and match their choice of representation within a single application if the need arises!




    The rules authoring environment within Decision Author has a graphical user interface with an object explorer showing the attributes, trees, tables, procedures and other components of the application.




    Decision Author allows the rules author to break-down the rules into a hierarchy of decision trees for ease of development and maintenance. A report displays the overall hierarchy of decision trees and attributes in a “knowledge map” as illustrated in the following map showing a tree “Expenses” which has 3 questions “Grade”, “Hotel” and “Department” of which “Hotel” is a sub-tree with 2 questions “Cost” and “InLondon”.



    The Decision Author rules authoring environment also allows the design of customised user interface forms for capturing attribute/question data. A WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) graphical screen editor is included which can be used by business or IT users to define and position what data needs to be captured on each screen. Web Author can generate highly graphical and interactive browser based user interfaces. For the seasoned web designer, Decision Author allows full control of the user interface design through cascading style sheets (CSS), the use of jQueryMobile themes and custom (widget) plugins. For example, here’s a screen being designed in XpertRule Decision Author…


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