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    Application Interfacing

    Applications developed with Decision Author can easily interface with other systems during testing and at runtime. There is a range of predefined JavaScript methods available in Decision Author for this purpose and by using the power of JavaScript the developer can naturally write their own routines. There is also a range of server plugins available to the developer, for example there is a plugin to enable database connectivity and another plugin to allow email sending. If the Decision Author environment is hosted by the client then this range of server plugins can be enhanced and/or extended.


    Application Integration

    Web Author applications can be integrated with your existing web site. The precise integration that you utilize will depend upon the visual integration and also the data integration that is required….




    Data integration between the client application and web servers is achieved by utilizing our native support to call REST based web services. On the server, you have a vast choice of data integration technologies at your disposal (e.g. databases, local storage etc.)


    Decision Author Environment Integration

    The Decision Author development environment can be integrated within other applications through the use of an iFrame on a container page or by using the XpertRule Framework.



    As mentioned already the Decision Author development environment can be provided by XpertRule or hosted by the client on their own physical servers or cloud servers. Similarly the applications that are developed can be deployed to our XpertRule servers or to servers hosted by the client themselves. With this flexibility there is no reason why the knowledge source may be held on one server, the runtime knowledge on another and the runtime data on a completely separate server. This separation applies to the browser deployments as well as to the Expert Advisor app deployments.


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