Use Case

Sales Advisory System

For experienced sales people, the system helps reach high quality decisions fast. For novices, the system is also a teacher who is an expert in Elf-Atochem’s products


Elf-Atochem is a chemical manufacturer in the US. Like many other companies, Elf’s sales people are often in situations with prospects and customers where they need to identify the best grades of product to meet precise technical specifications.

The first part of this is to provide detailed product information in a timely, accurate manner without having to reference a car load of technical manuals. The second part, an equally important task, is to apply sales expertise in determining the best fit for the customer.

Elf needed a solution that gave them easy, fast access to complete technical knowledge about the product lines they are selling. So, when confronted with a prospects unique needs, a sales person could quickly identify the best grades of product to fill the need.

The Solution

Nearly any modern database retrieval system can extract information about product grades, and present them to a sales person for evaluation. However, embodying the expertise of experienced sales people in determining the best fit to a customer’s needs, is a task that is more complex than simply retrieving records from a database. XpertRule can include database retrieval, and can also include the complex knowledge of product application that a sales person could spend years accumulating.

XpertRule was chosen based on other user’s recommendations. Its first application, the Rilsan® Advisor, was released to the dozen or so field sales and marketing people who handle the product line. Rilsan® is an Elf-Atochem trade name for Nylon 11, a line of Nylon products in the form of granules that are used for extrusion or injection moulding applications. It is a specialty Nylon desired for its particular toughness, chemical resistance, and low moisture absorption. Automotive manufacturers use it in applications such as the coiled red and blue air brake tubing, seen connecting the cab to the trailer on many 18-wheelers.

The Benefits


Complex product application knowledge is retained, automated & remains visible for validation & maintenance

Expert Advice

Expert, audit-able advice on configurations & technical specifications

Ease of Integration

Ease of integration with existing systems & IT infrastructures

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