Edge – Cloud – Action

    XpertRule’s breakthrough edge software platform brings the full power of streaming decision analytics to on-site ‘edge’ locations for Industrial IOT applications. Our engine can run on any edge / fog computing device from a powerful server to a humble Raspberry pie as well as fully on the cloud or as a combination of both

  • The Edge Streaming Decision Engine

     High performance, small footprint and runs in streaming or batch modes
     Runs on Intel x86 or ARM computing devices and Windows or Linux operating systems
     Real-time Complex event processing, Decision & Rules automation and temporal reasoning
     Anomaly detection & predictive (Classification & Regression) analytics 
     Patented Fuzzy Control using predictive models

    The Decision & Analytics Authoring Environment

     Graphical browser-based tool for authoring decisions and rules and for developing analytics models from data
     Requires no coding to develop complex rules for industrial monitoring, problem detection and diagnostics. This is achieved using easy to author decision trees, decision flows, decision tables and graphical rules
     Supports Machine learning of predictive, descriptive and anomaly detection tree models from historic data
     Runs fully on-site or in the cloud with authored decisions, rules and analytics models provisioned down to the edge

    The Expert System driven Dashboards & Actions

     In addition to the usual passive dashboard of KPIs and anomalies, XpertRule supports an Expert System driven interactive actions and advice capability enabling the user to better understand events & alerts and to carry out problem diagnosis, root cause analysis and trouble-shooting assisted by the interactive expert system
     The Expert System App runs on any mobile device, tablet or computer display on site (edge) and communicates directly with the Decision Automation engine on the gateway using local Wi-Fi. This allows the organizational expertise on problem diagnosis, problem resolution and performance improvement to be automated and be made available to staff on-site 24/7

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