Rapid Automation & Maintenance of Business Rules

Author and automate business rule execution for complex decision-intensive business processes. Integrate any business application or data source and maintain rules, processes and procedures from an intuitive graphical front-end. Monitor, alert and report on compliance in real-time.


Graphical Rules Authoring

Complex knowledge, processes and workflows are created and updated in an intuitive GUI which creates decision flows, trees, decision tables, rules and calculations


Robust Run-time

Efficient and robust real time execution of rule based applications including the use of time based trend variables to take into account time based changes in process variables


Flexible Hosting

The development environment can be provided by XpertRule or hosted by a client on their own server. Similarly the developed applications can be deployed to XpertRule servers or to servers hosted by the client



Easy integration with existing process control and IT infrastructure. Deliver an integrated solution that combines business process, a business rules engine and workflow automation

Turn data into knowledge

Add data mining to discover knowledge from data. Our technology allows for the identification of trends and root cause analysis to a depth and accuracy that can be used to drive responses and controls in the right areas

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Development & Deployment

XpertRule® Decision Author

Decision Author is our graphical design environment used to develop, test, deploy and maintain Business Rules applications. The main value proposition of Decision Author is the speed of development, with developers reporting application build times up-to 30 times quicker than that of Java or .NET technologies


Decision Author has the ability to deploy rule bases to a Node.js server and run as a RESTful web service using the JSON message format. This delivers an integrated solution that combines business process, a business rules engine and workflow automation. It automates complex decision intensive business processes in areas such as risk assessment and customer service


Business Rules technology separates the development of the business knowledge from the inference / decision engine. This allows knowledge to be developed, reviewed and maintained (in real-time) by domain experts without programming skills


A very powerful knowledge creation and maintenance environment, which is very flexible and can be customised easily

Use Cases

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