Author and automate business rule execution for complex decision-intensive business processes. Integrate any business application or data source and maintain rules, processes and procedures from an intuitive graphical front-end. Monitor, alert and report on compliance in real-time.
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    IBM Bluemix Integration

    In this sample, a Store stock replenishment decision is taken on the basis of real-time data feeds on Store footfall, weather conditions and school holidays. The combination of these unstructured data sources is used to illustrate decision-making when conditions fall outside the expected norm. pppppppppppppppppppp



    Fraud Assessment

    This application demonstrates the use of an application deployed via a server environment. The application contains natural language processing & pattern rules for fraud assessment. The application uses these features to determine whether a road traffic accident claim is fraudulent. If a claim is deemed to have a high risk of fraud, the claim is flagged for closer scrutiny.

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    Since the credit market was effectively incorporated in Brazil a few decades ago, companies have been searching for know-how, processes and tools for managing the entire credit cycle with the objectives of making products and operations risks more profitable, less costly and monitored throughout the cycle.

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    Multicredito is a Brazilian privately owned company operating since 1984 providing merchants and retailers a shared platform for consumer credit evaluation based in artificial intelligence and statistical decision models. 

    Multicredito serves 4000 organizations and 13000 points of sales.

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    • The incidence of non-productive cask movements has plummeted from a high of around 50% to a negligible level of around 4% and our cask handling rates have almost doubled. The new technology enables staff to concentrate on what they want to achieve, rather than how they go about it. They can concentrate on the constraints that they wish to impose and get the system to do the leg work of finding the best scenario within those constraints. It means that the business can be driven by primary objectives.
      T.H. Commercial Director | DiageoManufacturing & Retail
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