Business Rules Automation | Architecture & Integration


    A flexible deployment option that allows easy integration with existing process control and IT infrastructure.

    The graphical rules authoring environment (XpertRule Decision Author) has the ability to deploy rule bases to a Node.js server https://nodejs.org and run as a RESTful web service using the JSON message format. This delivers an integrated solution that combines business process, a business rules engine and workflow automation. It automates complex decision intensive business processes in areas such as risk assessment and customer service which involves;

    • automating best practice business rules, decision making and policy rules,
    • automating complex process flow and work flow between users, data sources and other applications.

    The rule bases are maintained in a highly graphical environment using structured decision trees to represent decision making, workflows and process flows. Business managers / analysts can author / maintain the rules that apply to their specific operational areas. Business rules modules can be used across channels and applications.




    Below is an example of a complex decision flow for credit risk assessment which interrogates data sources and applies policy and risk assessment rules to reach a decision. A solution would normally consist of a hierarchy of many linked decision trees / flows.



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