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    Business Rules Automation


    Author and automate business rule execution for complex decision-intensive business processes. Integrate any business application or data source and maintain rules, processes and procedures from an intuitive graphical front-end. Monitor, alert and report on compliance in real-time.


    In this sample

    In this sample, a Store stock replenishment decision is taken on the basis of real-time data feeds on Store footfall, weather conditions and school holidays. The combination of these unstructured data sources is used to illustrate decision-making when conditions fall outside the expected norm. The sample application demonstrates the following technologies / capabilities:

    XpertRule Decision Author (Graphical Rules Design Environment)
    XpertRule Node.js Runtime Environment (installed on a BlueMix Instance)
    IBM Alchemy Vision (to count number of people in an image)
    IBM Insights for Weather (for current weather conditions)


    How it works

  • alchemy

    Cognitive services – enable us to extract meaningful data from unstructured and abstract sources such as photos, images, speech. In this case, IBM Alchemy Vision interprets the number of people in the store from photographs


    Analytics servicesenable us to extract critical information from huge and varied data sources. In this case IBM Insights for Weather give us weather conditions for a chosen location

  • Automating Business Rules

    So the question now is how to interpret and automate this combination of data using applied knowledge. Our sample uses the following flow of logic and decision making:

     Blumix BRA Diagram




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