Belivia successfully complete its first XpertRule powered Insurance Tele-interviewing pilot project in Sweden

Belivia ( have built a complete Service for Tele-interview to the Nordic insurance market. The first pilot in Sweden is successfully completed and all service is now ready to scale up. Several parts of the Belivia Tele-interview Service are unique and differentiate its offering from other suppliers.

An important element of the solution is a new Belivia Case Management (BCM) system which has been integrated with the XpertRule Web deployment engine. Together, these systems make it possible for a flexible setting up for the insurance company. The flow for the insurance applicant can be tailored by the insurance company using flexible settings and all XpertRule scripts can easily be customized to each insurance product (or group of products).

The close integration of the BCM and the rules / scripting engine allows each applicant to follow a unique and optimized flow. Depending on different variable’s, like product, applicants health etc. the flow interact and gets optimized for each step so the applicant only need to share essential information in order to complete an insurance application.




Tele-interview scripts easily authored and maintained in XpertRule




Deployed Tele-Interview System

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