• AOL Europe


    Since 1999, AOL Europe have been using knowledge management and business rules technologies within their primary customer care tool for telephone technical support across AOL Europe’s multiple call centres supporting members within UK, France and Germany. Early in 2002, AOL made the decision to move to the XpertRule Knowledege Builder Environment from UK Company XpertRule Software.

    The business case for moving to XpertRule was primarily to consolidate AOL’s Knowledge authoring environment to make the authors more efficient (by avoiding needless replication) and more easily able to share best practice. Specifically, AOL’s previous knowledge management platform/design did not support graphical diagnostic / troubleshooting trees and required AOL to build a separate case base for each AOL product (a total of 57 in Europe), whereas XpertRule allowed AOL to consolidate all products within a single knowledge base. AOL were also keen to make use of profiling so that different groups would see knowledge tailored to their needs, such as 1st level versus 2nd level support. AOL Europe were also keen to use the Knowledge Translation features of XpertRule to deploy the same knowledge in English, French and German. As a result of moving to XpertRule, AOL have been able to increase the reach of the knowledge base by adding far more AOL products than were previously available in the marketplace whilst at the same time reducing their authoring headcount by 50%.

    Agent satisfaction also increased as a result of the integration work carried out by AOL and XpertRule to allow the support knowledge to be presented in a more user-friendly web front end that incorporated html-based ‘additional information’ within the same UI. The XpertRule knowledge deployment strategy helped AOL to achieve a significant increase in the speed and scalability of the deployed support knowledge.


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