Analytics Decision Engine

XpertRule announces the release of its new Analytics Decision Engine


XpertRule Software, has announced the release of a new Analytics Decision Engine as an extension of its world-class rules engine technology. The new Analytics Decision Engine will add the following advanced capabilities to the XpertRule Rules Engine:

  • The development and deployment of advanced data mining models for use in advanced business process modelling. Three advanced data mining technologies are supported; decision trees, fuzzy decision trees and Bayesian classifiers.
  • Advanced transformation of unstructured text data into structured attributes, concepts, and events that can be used to drive rules inference and data mining models ( unstructured text cover free format data fields, documents, emails, memos, social media etc.).
  • Genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic for advanced process modelling in resource and performance optimisation solutions.

The XpertRule Analytics Decision technology consists of a number of modules fully integrated with the XpertRule Rules Automation technology; both the desktop rules authoring platform and the .NET rules deployment engine.

The new Analytics Decision technology has been successfully applied in a number of sectors including fraud detection, propensity modelling, and monitoring and control of processing plants.

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