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World-class technology enabling intelligent applications across business sectors



Our Value Proposition

Build Complex Knowledge Quickly

The XpertRule graphical rules authoring environment enables non technical users to author complex decision logic.

Combine Rules Processing & User Interactions

A combination of ‘back-end’ rules automation and front-end channel interaction. Expert knowledge powers every business interaction and intelligent alert.

Deploy Anywhere & Everywhere

Light footprint technology capable of deploying complex rules to any platform, Raspberry Pi, Edge Hub, Mobile, Desktop and Cloud. Multiple nodes of executable rules.

  • "We are looking to more than double our customer base year on year and we believe that we have a unique credit solution in Risk Pack and GATEWAY. Our rapid growth would not have been possible without the robustness of the XpertRule technology and the support provided by the XpertRule team"
  • "TeleCheque found in XpertRule the powerful functionalities required to give more flexibility to business users in authoring their risk rules and ensuring that their expertise is accurately deployed."
  • "We are delighted to be working with XpertRule. There is a growing market for Tele-Interviewing in the Nordic countries, and this alliance enables us to provide a world-class service, tailored specifically for the Swedish market and products."
  • "The business case for moving to XpertRule was primarily to consolidate AOL's knowledge authoring environment to make the authors more efficient. The XpertRule knowledge deployment strategy helped AOL to achieve a significant increase in the speed and scalability of the deployed support knowledge."
  • "We have been using XpertRule to develop an expert system to assist in applying policy to requests from tax practitioners for additional time to lodge their client's income tax returns."
  • Microsoft Consulting Services believes in choosing the right tool for the job. After evaluating a number of possible solutions we chose XpertRule to model the workflow and business rules for its incredible ease of use and flexibility
  • In line with our procedures on new software products, the software was sent to the PriceWaterhouseCoopers World Firm Technology Centre at Menlo Park, in California. XpertRule's software was approved without reservation.
  • XpertRule performed exceptionally well. In spite of destruct-testing the software, KPMG just could not break XpertRule. This was backed by strong reference sites and a good fit to our requirements
  • The eSales Configurator software is very user-friendly and easy to work with. The 2 training course made the overall principles & capabilities of the software clear, enabling work on our application to begin immediately. The eSales Configurator software has proved very flexible and effective for our application
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