Business Rules Automation, Expert Systems, Intelligent IoT & Decision Analytics

    Applied AI Technology

  • Business Rules Automation

    The XpertRule transaction rules server automates complex decision-intensive business processes. Capture best practice business rules, decision making and policy. Add data mining of rules and analytics for deep insight

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    Expert Systems

    XpertRule delivers a  rules-driven UI engine combining human and machine learning to optimise every business interaction. Use in technical support, sales, product configuration, CRM, financial advisory and more

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    Decision Automation for IoT

    The brain of the IoT ecosystem. XpertRule technology delivers automated decisions, analytics and actionable insight at the IoT edge, cloud and mobile. Close the loop from event to action faster than ever

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  • A brief introduction to XpertRule 








  • Our Value Proposition


    01. Build Complex Knowledge Quickly

    The XpertRule graphical rules authoring environment enables developers and non technical business matter experts to author complex decision logic



    02. Rules Processing & User Interactions

    Combine back-end decision automation with front-end channel interaction. Expert knowledge powers every business interaction and intelligent alert



    03. Deploy Anywhere & Everywhere

    Light footprint technology, deploy complex rules to any platform, Raspberry Pi, Edge Hub, Mobile, Desktop and Cloud. Multiple nodes of executable rules


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