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Our Intelligent Automation software creates ‘Digital Experts’, trained with the skills needed to automate complex business tasks, and deliver insight, value and outcomes. Humans can work smarter alongside Digital Experts, using them to carry out time-consuming and highly cognitive activities fast, consistently and at scale

Automate Intelligence
Take the best experience from your workforce and enhance it with cognitive technology. Human knowledge augmented by artificial intelligence, working together to support the complex decisions your business takes on a daily basis in service delivery, production or customer interactions

Explainable Logic  
Most AI is developed in code and deployed as a ‘black-box’ solution which gives you the answer, but doesn’t explain how or why. XpertRule allows developers AND non-technical users to build applications quickly using graphical, visual logic which can be audited and maintained by anyone

Intelligence Everywhere
Complex decision making is needed across the operating model from front to back office, so the agility to enable this is critical. Our software can engage customers through mobile and social media channels, integrate with enterprise processes, IoT data or run silently embedded on servers and gateways

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